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The Fight for All

In every system of oppression, there is a group that is disadvantaged based on their identity, while there is another group that is privileged based on their identity. And because people have many aspects to their identities, each individual’s experience in society turns out to be unique.

SHATTER Sculpture

Gender Stereotypes We’d Like To Get Rid Of

People (usually relatives) like to ask, “Do you have a boyfriend?” When you answer in the negative, they always give you a sceptical look, or ask again teasingly. Why can’t it be that a girl has other priorities?


For The Young Men Who Love Women

Don’t be that guy. Like, that guy who doesn’t take no for an answer. The guy who calls at women in public places, on public transport, and gets mad when they don’t respond the way he wants them to. The guy who keeps pushing until “no” becomes “yes”.

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