We must end victim-blaming now

by Rio Hoe The views expressed in this article are Rio’s own. The original article can be found here. Victim-blaming is unacceptable. It is illogical and rests on a failure to distinguish the importance of precautions and the idea that people deserve to suffer for failing to take them. Rape is a deliberate act; the wrong always…

Purple-haired slut

It dawned upon me that it is much more difficult that simply telling them off: how was I supposed to educate a group of males who enjoyed degrading women in the most ridiculous ways?

A platform of sexism

I understand that we need a venue to share and discuss sexual fantasies because sexual freedom is important in our conservative culture. But there should be limits to that. Every party involved should be consenting. Every party involved should be treated as a person with feelings and needs, instead of being objectified as a fetish object.

When rape is used as a plot device

The problem isn’t so much in the inherent fact that rape is being depicted on television – the problem is how it’s depicted, the motives behind choosing this particular plot line, and the very worrying frequency with which it’s used over and over again in different TV series.

Busting Rape Myths

The many misconceptions about rape and consent make it difficult for many victims of sexual assault to come forward and seek help. Here are 9 Rape Myths which explain some of the barriers victims may face in speaking up and getting the support they need.

The Boys’ Club

One of my buddies gave me a sleazy smile and wink, a gesture that told me he thought of these girls as prey – and that he expected me to participate in this ploy too.

Rape culture is our problem too

In an article in the campus newspaper, The Kent Ridge Common, Sakunika Wewalaarachchi highlights the problem with attributing rape culture and misogyny to specific cultures and nations.