Let’s Unite! to end violence against women

Every act on every level counts! #16DaysSG   You might be wondering after #MeToo, #NowWhat? Through the recent online movement, #MeToo, thousands of women around the world – and in Singapore – came forward to have open and honest conversations about their experiences of surviving sexual violence. #MeToo has not only foregrounded the prevalence of…

We must end victim-blaming now

by Rio Hoe The views expressed in this article are Rio’s own. The original article can be found here. Victim-blaming is unacceptable. It is illogical and rests on a failure to distinguish the importance of precautions and the idea that people deserve to suffer for failing to take them. Rape is a deliberate act; the wrong always…


The only thing more worrisome than the video were the comments that came subsequently.

Is the internet a man’s world?

It’s true that the internet has brought a host of social benefits. However, it has become a really scary place for women – filled with instances of slut-shaming, rape threats and general violence directed at women’s bodies.

What Suffragette meant to me

I only knew about the word “suffrage” through this film, and that only goes to show how much I have taken the suffrage movement for granted. From a young Singaporean woman’s point of view, this movement seems at first glance to be a distant one.

How can I stand up against sexual harassment?

Because my image and my career are way more important to me. Because I brush it off like I’ve learnt to brush off everything else unpleasant that comes my way. Because it is not worth the hassle to me. Because ours is a society of victim-blaming.